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Lieutenant Cheryl E. Orange

Lieutenant Cheryl E. Orange

Treasurer ESOP Genesis

Lieutenant Cheryl E. Orange entered the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department as a Commission Officer in training April 17, 1989. She has served the Citizens of St. Louis and this department as an officer assigned to District Two, Seven, and Eight and as a detective assigned to the Domestic Abuse Response Team, (DART).


Lt. Orange was promoted to the rank of sergeant in January 2003 where she served as supervisor in District Five, Six and the Traffic Safety Division. Lt. Orange received her promotion to lieutenant June of 2013 assigned to District Six and is currently assigned to District Three as the Watch Commander of the “A” Platoon.


Lieutenant Orange holds two Bachelor degrees in Arts and Science. She serves as the Executive Director of Rollin’ For Backstoppers, Inc., Executive Board Member of Kingsway Merchant Association and STL’s Finest Skate Crew.

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